Job Title – Ramp Manager – Ref:2014-018

·       Responsible for managing, planning, directing and coordinating all requirements for Sunwest Ramp Services.

·       Develop short- and long-term program improvements for the ramp operations.

·       Involvement in the hiring, discipline and promotion of employees. 

·       Manage staff shortages in consultation with the CEO by adjusting schedules of current personnel as necessary to cover the ramp duties on various shifts as required.

·       Conduct and evaluate all departmental performance management reviews.

·       Plan and coordinate employee schedules, authorize leave requests and determine the requirement for overtime as necessary.

·       Develop and recommend management improvement practices and procedures, conduct research and analysis of problems, prepare or oversee preparation of operating procedures relating to ramp services and facilities operations.

·       Act as a liaison with fuel and product suppliers as required.

·       Management of aircraft positioning – planning and movement of aircraft to facilitate

·       expeditious and safe aircraft departures and arrivals.

·       Management of aircraft fuelling – conduct fuelling operations to provide safe and economical fuelling of all company and third party aircraft.

·       Conduct “Work Place Monthly Inspection” and record and file inspection sheets.

·       Develop, implement and maintain ramp training programs and training procedures.

·       Responsible for establishing and maintaining personnel training (eg. De-icing including glycol mitigation; aircraft towing, etc.) and their records per the regulatory requirements; developing and maintaining standard operating procedures for all ramp personnel; monitoring and keeping records of fuel training, testing and sampling.

·       Assist with manpower for the facilies housekeeping program which may include the aesthetics and maintenance to all company buildings in Calgary and away from base facilities, to include landscaping and weed and FOD control (Calgary only).

·       Develop a maintenance control system to monitor and maintain all company vehicles on a preventative basis and ensure they all meet regulatory requirements.

·       Oversee the maintenance upkeep and cleaning of all ramp and fuelling vehicles.

·       Monitor and log for all glycol usage and order stock as required.

·       Attend meetings with Calgary Airport Authority or other companies that are affiliated with the successful operation of the company.

·       Supervision based on contractor safety program, performance and their incident rates.

·       Responsible for issuing protective equipment to all Ramp, Ground Maintenance and Vehicle Maintenance personnel.

·       Responsible for overseeing crew change housing outside of the Calgary operation.

·       Manage all aspects of the facility operations and provide direct daily supervision of all Ramp personnel to ensure compliance with policies, procedures and individual job descriptions.

·       Any other duties that may be deemed necessary or as required.

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