Calgary Based Challenger 604 - Sunwest Aviation
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Challenger 604

Calgary Based Challenger 604

In the vast prairie skies above Calgary, a sleek and powerful aircraft is about to make its grand entrance. Freshly refurbished and reinvigorated, Sunwest’s Calgary based Challenger 604 is set to take flight this summer, offering an unparalleled charter experience to those who seek the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and adventure.

Enjoy the benefits of private aviation as you step aboard Sunwest’s Challenger 604, where 11 passengers can indulge in the utmost privacy while reveling in an ambiance of elegance and comfort. The redesigned cabin offers an abundance of space, allowing you to stretch out and unwind during your flight.

Your safety and comfort are paramount. Our Calgary based Challenger 604 is crewed with a team of highly trained professionals who prioritize your well-being throughout the journey. From experienced pilots who navigate the skies with precision to attentive flight attendants who anticipate your every need, you can rest assured that your trip will be a success.