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Gulfstream G550

Sunwest Announces Addition of G550

Sunwest Aviation is pleased to announce the addition of a Gulfstream G550 to its fleet. The G550 is the second ultra-long-range jet in Sunwest’s fleet and as of September 2019, it has received approval for commercial charters.

The G550 features a luxurious cabin with fourteen panoramic windows and seating for up to sixteen passengers. The deluxe furnishings, full galley, dual lavatories, and advanced cabin technology provide passengers with the perfect aircraft for longer flights.

With a range of 7,760 statute miles and a cruise speed of 575 miles per hour, the G550 can complete key long-range routes, such as Calgary to London, without stopping. “Many of our customers need the convenience and efficiency of a long-range non-stop flight. They combine that performance with the privacy and comfort of the large cabin, along with the in-flight internet to continue their business seamlessly throughout the flight” says Ian Darnley, Sunwest’s Director of Business Development.

Additional photos and specs on Sunwest’s G550 can be found on the company’s website:

Sunwest is excited to continue their legacy of providing an unparalleled flying experience. For more information, please contact Sunwest Aviation Ltd. toll free at 1-888-291-4566 or by email at