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Adventure Travel: Fishing

West Coast Fishing

Calgary to Prince Rupert, Aircraft Charter and Fishing Charter

It’s warming up again and the sunshine has us all thinking about the spending time outdoors and taking on new summer adventures. At Sunwest Aviation, a common reason to charter an aircraft is for an unforgettable fishing adventure. 

Taking an adventure suited turboprop (like a Beech 1900D) from Calgary to Prince Rupert and getting on a fishing charter is an incredible way to spend time with your family and friends while enjoying some of the best fishing in the world.

Here’s what you need to know to maximize your fishing trip.

Ideal Group Size:

Sunwest’s Beech 1900D can easily transport 10 passengers from Calgary to Prince Rupert while leaving plenty of capacity for all the fish you will catch. While this is one of the most commonly used aircraft for fishing trips, Sunwest Aviation can provide options for smaller groups (1-8) on turboprops or jets, and for larger group (30+) on our airline style Dash 8.

Fishing charter companies typically charge a day rate for the entire group (based on group size). These rates are usually all inclusive and usually include a fully guided trip, fuel, premium bait and gear, and cleaning and bagging of your catch. Some companies also function as lodges offer accommodations as well. Be sure to confirm the specifics when selecting your fishing charter.

Why Prince Rupert?

Prince Rupert’s surrounding waters are part of the migratory path of for salmon returning to their spawning rivers. Prince Rupert is home to hundreds of spawning rivers (the most famous being the Nass River and the Skeena River) for all species of salmon on the BC coast (Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Chum, and Pink Salmon).

The Chinook salmon returning to the Skeena River are some of the largest in the world (reaching 70+ lbs).

Prince Rupert is also home to excellent fishing charter shops that have a wealth of knowledge on fishing in the area along with the equipment, supplies, and service to make an excellent trip.

These factors all combine to make Prince Rupert one of the finest sport fishing destinations in the world.

Best time of the Year to Fish?

Chinook Salmon (Late May – Late July): The first fishing runs for Chinook Salmon typically begin in late May with the arrival of the Chinook as they head towards their spawning rivers. The migration continues through June and into late July.

Coho Salmon (Middle June – September): Coho Salmon arrive mid-June, peak early August, and taper off into September. July through August tends deliver great action with the Coho feeding non-stop before heading to their spawning rivers.

Other Salmon: Sockeye, Chum, and Pink Salmon can also be found in the BC waters. The local fishing charter provider will get you into the best spot for these types of salmon depending on the time of year.

Halibut (June-September): British Columbia’s deep, rich waters are perfect for halibut, resulting in excellent halibut fishing throughout the entire fishing season.

Fishing Charter Providers:

Sunwest Aviation does not endorse a specific Fishing Charter provider, however, we have completed some of the initial research for fishing charter providers in Prince Rupert (as of article date April, 2019). Be sure to contact the provider you think works best for you and the type of trip you want to experience. Please keep in mind, this list is for your convenience only, is not all inclusive, and may not be up-to-date based on market changes.

Queen Charlotte Lodge (4.9 stars, 79 reviews, google)
Please visit their website for dates and rates: Rate Info

Naden Lodge (5 stars, 3 reviews, google)
Please visit their website for dates and rates: Rate Info

Sunset Charters (4.6 stars, 11 reviews, google)
1-2 people $1200 | 3-4 people $1300 | 5-6 people $1500; Contact directly for custom pricing*

Sea West Fishing Charters (4.8 stars, 6 reviews, google)
1-4 people $1300; Contact directly for custom pricing*

Northern Bounty Fishing Charters (4.6 stars, 5 reviews, google)
1-4 people $1150; contact directly for custom pricing*

Black Tide Adventures (5 stars, 5 reviews, google)
1-2 people $1325 | 3-4 people $1425 | 5 people $1525; Contact directly for custom pricing*

Kaien Sportfishing Charters (4.3 stars, 4 reviews, google)
1-4 people $1895 (includes accommodation in vessel, all meals, and other supplies).

When to Book:

It’s best to book as early as possible as many fishing charters have recurring business that fills up nearly 50% of their schedule. With that said, there’s still plenty of time to secure your summer adventure. From an aircraft charter perspective, Sunwest Aviation has the right aircraft for your trip. Contact us today to book your next adventure.