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Jet Cards

Jet Cards & Charter Memberships

Jet cards and charter memberships are prepaid hours for aircraft charter. Memberships are purchased by depositing funds with a charter operator such as Sunwest Aviation, and then drawing down on those funds (or hours) as you fly. While jet cards provide many benefits, the main incentive is the locked in hourly rate.

Why Purchase a Jet Card?

Jet cards allow you to optimize your private aviation budget. They offer reduced hourly rates, personalized service, and preferred fleet access. Fixed rates allow you to charter with less overall spend and also provide protection from potential rate changes. As a member, your preferences are known to the charter operator.

How do Jet Cards Work?

While there are many jet cards and charter memberships offered by different operators, they all follow a similar structure.

  1. Deposits start at $100,000 and provide set hourly rates or flight hours over a specific time frame (typically 12 months).
  2. Larger deposits provide lower hourly rates or more flight hours.
  3. As you fly, you draw down on your initial deposit or flight hours.
  4. When the deposit is depleted, it can be topped up or upgraded.

What is the Sunwest Jet Card?

The Sunwest Avro Membership (Jet Card) offers our clients unique features which makes it an outstanding charter program.

  • Three membership levels: Avro 100, 200, & 300
  • Exceptional rates on the entire fleet
  • Occupied and round-trip rates to optimize travel budgets*
  • Personalized 24/7 travel coordinator service
  • Reduced aircraft holding charges
  • Private flight lounge and valet car service

Occupied and Round-trip Rates

As an Avro Club member you have access to both round trip rates and occupied rates, optimizing your charter budget.

Round Trip Rates are market rates that are charged for every hour of flight time. Round trip rates are ideal when you will be travelling to and from a destination in a short time frame (1-3 days).

Occupied Rates are charged for hours in which you are flying on the aircraft. They are higher than a standard round trip rate to partially cover positioning expenses. These rates are ideal when you are being picked up or dropped off.

Most private aviation programs only use an occupied hourly rate regardless of whether or not you are taking a round trip, meaning you are paying for positioning whether it was required or not. Sunwest provides both options depending on your trip type.

Contact us to learn how the Sunwest Aviation Avro Club Membership can work for you.

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