Sunwest Aviation Becomes the Official Shell AeroCentre™ Branded FBO in Calgary - Sunwest Aviation
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Sunwest Aviation, The Shell AeroCentre™ in YYC

Sunwest Aviation Becomes the Official Shell AeroCentre™ Branded FBO in Calgary

Sunwest Aviation Ltd. announced today that it has become the official Shell AeroCentre™ at the Calgary International Airport. Sunwest offers over 110,000 square feet of premium hangar space and five acres of ramp space at its headquarters in Calgary, which are situated in close proximity to the main terminal at the Calgary Airport. Sunwest’s purpose built facilities are equipped to provide a full range of FBO Services including fueling with Shell Aviation fuel, flight handling, aircraft storage, de-icing, and aircraft maintenance.

As the official distributor of Shell Aviation Fuel in Calgary, Sunwest offers high quality fueling and flight handling service for aircraft of all sizes. “This is an exciting development for us and solidifies our position as a leading FBO service provider in Calgary” says Mike Gocal, Sunwest’s Chief Operating Officer. “We have excellent facilities and have been consistently increasing the value we provide the aviation community.”

In addition to distributing Shell Aviation products, Sunwest Aviation is approved to perform maintenance on both Canadian registered and American registered aircraft. “Earlier this year, our MIP (Maintenance Implementation Procedure) received approval from Transport Canada and that was a big step towards becoming a full scale FBO as it allows us to perform maintenance on FAA registered aircraft,” said Trevor Yuschyshyn, Sunwest’s Director of Maintenance.

Sunwest will continue to provide aircraft charter and aircraft management services according to Mr. Gocal. “Those two areas remain Sunwest’s primary business lines, but expanding into Fixed Base Operations allows us to leverage our facilities and the strong relationships that we’ve built over the past 30 years.”

For more information on Sunwest Aviation operating as the official Shell AeroCentre™ in Calgary please contact