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Fly Sunwest. Ski CMH.

Heli-Skiing: A Canadian Mountain Holiday

Take a Canadian Mountain Holiday with Sunwest Aviation and our partners at CMH Heli-Skiing. CMH offers world-class skiing and their lodges are usually sold out due to global demand. With the borders being closed, CMH has opened their Bobbie Burns lodge exclusively to residents of Canada along with discounts of up to 35%.

Select your Heli-Ski Package

Visit and view availability for 4, 5, or 7 day trip packages.

Select your preferred dates and submit a request directly from their website.

Schedule your Charter

Once you have confirmed your trip package with CMH, contact Sunwest Aviation to charter an aircraft for you and your cohort.

Sunwest will fly you from Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, or Calgary to Fairmont, BC, which is a 30 minute drive to the heli-pad. Sunwest will coordinate the ground transportation with CMH.

Contact us to schedule your charter. Email: or 24/7 Phone: 1-888-291-4566

Available Jets

King Air 350: Up to 8 passengers

Beechcraft 1900D: Up to 10 passengers

Learjet 45: Up to 8 passengers

Gulfstream G150: 7 Passengers

Challenger 300/350: 8 Passengers

Whole aircraft charter for the group is required – no single seat purchases. The Heli-Ski adventure and the aircraft charter are two separate services. Cranbrook to be used as a backup airport if required; this will add an hour of ground transportation.