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Business Aviation - Operators

Business Aviation, Part 3 – Operators

When you are looking for a charter operator or entering a long-term partnership such as a Jet Card Membership or Aircraft Management, you will want to consider your aircraft operator carefully. A few key factors that should inform your decision include:

  • Safety and reputation
  • Aircraft options and your flying style
  • Operator size and economies of scale

Safety And Reputation:

Governing bodies (e.g. Transport Canada) require all operators to meet minimum standards. However, some operators have a stronger reputation and commitment to safety than others.

Whether for personal or corporate purposes, it is important that your due diligence verifies the reputation and safety record of the operator you choose to fly with. Look for operators that are Argus Platinum or IS-BAO Stage III approved.

ARGUS charter operator ratings are the industry’s most respected and recognized symbols of high quality commercial operators around the world.

International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) ratings are designed to promote the use of high quality, standardized operating practices for international business aircraft operations.

Sunwest Aviation is proud to be one of the few charter operators in Canada to receive Argus Platinum and IS-BAO Stage III ratings.

Aircraft and Flight Types:

The type of aircraft you need will depend on your trip requirements and personal preferences. When you choose an operator with a diverse fleet, you choose to have options. You always fly in the best aircraft for your trip type. It also provides flexibility for lifestyle or business changes.

Additionally, you should consider the type of travel you require. If you fly and stay for a long period of time, your operator should provide cost effective one way flights; typically achieved through an occupied hourly rate. If you make frequent return trips, you will want aircraft holding options with round trip rates.

Sunwest offers a diverse fleet of over 30 aircraft, with round trip and occupied rates to optimize your travel budget.

Operator Size and Economies of Scale:

When selecting a business aviation operator, you will want an operator who can provide 24/7 service backed by an experienced team.

Large operators with global networks provide 24/7 service, but lack a hands-on personalized touch. They are less flexible in terms of finding business aviation solutions designed specifically for your needs. Smaller operators often excel at providing a high level of personalized service, but struggle when it comes to executing complex missions that require 24/7 service or international flight planning.

It is important to find the right balance for your needs.

At Sunwest, we have built a balanced operation that provides 24/7 service and dedicated flight coordinators for personalized aviation solutions. Our diverse fleet and clientele have allowed us to develop expertise in both domestic and international missions.

Another key aspect to consider, is economies of scale. Are you working with an operator that requires your business to survive (i.e. you are taking on the burden of the fixed costs)? Or are you working with an operator that has a large fleet, with cross-trained pilots, aviation engineers, and maintenance teams, supported through a strong client base?

With Sunwest, you take full advantage or our facilities, aircraft, crews, and employees, without shouldering those costs on your own.

Look for an aviation partner that has an excellent reputation, is a leader in safety, and understands the intricacies of your business aviation needs.

Contact us to learn why Sunwest Aviation is that partner.

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