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Business Aviation, Part 1 - Why?

Business Aviation, Part 1 – Why?

Why would a family or a business invest in flying private or utilizing business aviation services? While each situation is unique, it usually comes down to a combination of privacy, convenience, and efficiency.

Privacy: Business aviation allows for discrete travel on a private aircraft with a trusted and known passenger list. Travellers can fly when and where they want, with a high level of anonymity, and they can do this while avoiding crowded public terminals and airports. Business meetings take place on the aircraft and sensitive topics are discussed without being overheard or interrupted by other passengers. These are all extremely important requirements for successful companies and individuals as it allows them to conduct their business safely and discreetly.

Convenience: Business aviation users control the schedule. They fly when they need, where they need, and can alter their travel plans. Biz av flights have access to 10 times as many airports as commercial airline flights, which allows clients to land closer to their final destination. Approximately 50% of private flights land in regional/remote airports with infrequent or no airline service; landing at these airports ensures that travellers spend less time driving to their destination. Businesses often visit 3-5 locations in the span of a week; with commercial airlines that trip would take 2-3 weeks to complete, require multiple connecting flights, hours of driving, and potential lost baggage or flight interruptions along the way. This convenience saves time, reduces stress, and increases productivity.

Efficiency: As we mentioned above, controlling the schedule, landing closer to your destination, conducting business on the flight, avoiding major airport terminals and the associated wait times (security, connecting flights, lost baggage), are a few of the benefits of private aviation. They all lead towards increased productivity and efficiency. Business plans that could take months to execute without business aviation are often completed within a week.

On top utilizing the time spent in the air wisely, biz av clients also significantly reduce the total time they spend in transit. When you fly private you avoid the one to three hours spent at the airport before and after each flight. No connecting flights or layovers. No lost luggage and missed or cancelled flights. These hours add up to days and weeks over the course of the year, and every travel hour or travel day eliminated is allocated to the business schedule or time spent relaxing with family and friends.

There are many reasons that business aviation is the right choice for highly successful individuals and businesses, but the main drivers tend to be a combination of privacy, convenience, and efficiency. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and one of our aviation specialists will be ready to answer your questions.

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