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LVII - Arizona

The Big Game: LVII

Sunday, 12/02/2023. Glendale, Arizona.

On February 12, 2023, watch football’s elite athletes compete at LVII, the 57th Professional Football Championship.

The ’22/23 champion will be crowned at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona; the perfect destination to take in all the entertainment – including the halftime performance by Rhianna – while enjoying the Arizona sunshine.

A Light Jet or Super Midsize Jet Charter with Sunwest Aviation will take you from Calgary to Arizona in under three hours (non-stop). With Sunwest you spend less time travelling and more time enjoying the big game.

Book in advance to secure your jet and the best possible itinerary for your trip.

Phone: (403) 275-8121

LVII Summary:

Contact Sunwest Aviation to explore our aircraft options and to discuss how we can help make your trip to LVII unforgettable.

Phone: (403) 275-8121

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