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Managing Change in the Aviation Industry

With increasing pressure on airlines and the aviation industry due to the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, changes in the way we travel will continue for some time. Aircraft Charter may be the best solution if your operations or lifestyle are impacted by these changes.

One trend we expect to continue is the continued reduction of routes covered by airlines. We have already seen several routes cancelled or suspended by airlines due to restrictions, demand, and shifts in operational practices. Recently, WestJet announced that it would be suspending flights between Calgary and Lloydminster, and Calgary and Medicine Hat as of March 2021.

If you or your organization have relied on airlines for service to regional airports such as Medicine Hat (YXH) and Lloydminster (YLL), you may be looking for alternatives. Driving may be an option, but it is also time consuming and has increased risks including fatigue, accidents, and schedule disruption.

Aircraft Charter provides a direct substitute for your air transportation needs should they be impacted by the frequent changes to the airline industry. Working with Sunwest Aviation, you can fly directly between Calgary and Lloydminster, or Calgary and Medicine Hat, and you can do so on your schedule.

Our fleet includes King Air, Beech 1900D, and Dash 8 turboprops, along with a variety of business jets if needed.

Contact us to learn how Sunwest Aviation can work for you.