Job Title – Flight Coordinator – Ref:2013-173

  • Arrange all aspects of charter flight bookings including aircraft, catering, U.S. and Foreign Customs, ground transportation, hotel accommodations, other services
  • Utilize current dispatch program and quoting system to provide information to clients and to book and confirm flights
  • Prepare and provide aircraft quotes to existing and potential clients
  • Obtain and maintain passenger information for all flights
  • Re-arrange flights as required for normal and irregular operations
  • Maintain accurate and up to date files on all assigned clients
  • Follow-up with clients after flight
  • Maintain a professional and friendly relationship with assigned clients and follow company customer care programs
  • Assist Billing Coordinator (as necessary) to resolve issues related to invoicing of trips
  • Track and document turn down trips and cancellations
  • Attend regular Flight Coordinator meetings and other related meetings
  • Generate Monthly Reports to specific clients, as required
  • Occasionally be available on an on-call basis to assist Logistics with client communication and irregular operations
  • Other related duties as required


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