Job Title – Deputy Chief Pilot – Technical Operations – Ref:2015-005

  • Develop and maintain a list of SMEs for each aircraft type.
  • Compile data for flights proposed by Sales/Marketing.
  • Develop and maintain a Route and Aerodrome Manual.
  • Complete risk assessments for airports and routes.
  • Ensure changes/revisions in Aircraft Flight Manuals are incorporated into SOPs.
  • Communicate with Dispatch and Operations on day-to-day operational issues.
  • Compile and maintain Weight and Balance information.
  • Coordinate information maintained in ARINC Direct.
  • Maintain performance data with APG and other suppliers.
  • In conjunction with SMEs, maintain and amend SOPs for each type.
  • Supervise line pilots as assigned by the Chief Pilot.
  • Complete Chief-Pilot-On-Call Duties as assigned by the Chief Pilot.
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