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When you charter with Sunwest, you travel without compromise. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your schedule and the serenity of travelling in the quiet and comfort of your own private jet or turboprop. You can work productively and confidentially, or relax and enjoy your privacy.

In addition to enhanced privacy, flying with Sunwest gives you access to ten times as many airports compared to traditional airlines. With Sunwest you land closer to your destination and save valuable time.

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Avoid the crowded airport terminals, the connecting flights, the security lines, the missed flights, and the lost luggage. You’re not at the mercy and schedule of an airline with a Sunwest jet rental.

You can also forget about arriving at the airport hours in advance. Sunwest passengers can arrive 15 minutes before takeoff and still have time to enjoy an espresso in our private lounge.

If you're a frequent flyer, a Sunwest Charter Membership will help you optimize your travel budget.

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Let Sunwest's team of flight coordinators be your personal travel advisors. We take care of every last detail from ground transportation and catering to air transportation and entertainment; and we’re available 24/7.

Our large fleet and global flight network allows us to provide you with a seamless travel experience regardless of where you are flying.

And you can be assured that whether you’re requesting a trip online, through email, or over the phone, Sunwest is ready to take care of your aircraft charter needs.

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