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AeroMedical Common Questions

Is Sunwest an accredited AeroMedical provider?

Yes. Sunwest Aviation is a Transport Canada approved operator and has also received the highest recognition by third party auditors, including the ARGUS Platinum rating, the ISBAO Stage 3 rating, and pursuing the EURAMI certification (expected end of 2021).

Where does Sunwest Aviation provide AeroMedical services?

Sunwest provides AeroMedical services worldwide.

We are able to complete medical missions using our full ICU aircraft throughout the North, Central, and South America. We are also able to transport ambulatory patients globally.

Commercial medical escorts and commercial stretcher transportation can also be coordinated by our Flight Ops team.

We also work with our qualified network to complete wing-to-wing service which allows multiple aircraft operators to partner together and provide the fastest transportation of a patient.

When can a patient be transported by a commercial airline?

As part of our pre-flight assessment, we will determine the best mode of transportation for a patient. Factors in determining this decision include health, cost, route availability, and approval by the airline and other governing authorities as required.

Does Sunwest have liability insurance and medical malpractice insurance?

Sunwest carries liability and medical malpractice insurance specific to our operations. The policies are catered to each aircraft to ensure the appropriate coverage. Additional information can be provided upon request and specific to your flight.

Please call us at 1-866-675-8199 or speak with your flight coordinator for additional information.

Is Sunwest an air ambulance operator or a broker?

Sunwest is an aircraft operator providing aircraft charter, aircraft management, and air ambulance service since 1986. We own or manage the aircraft in our fleet and as a result, are able to control costs, quality, and schedule.

Brokers typically do not have control over these factors and typically add a brokerage fee for coordinating the service. The advantage of using a broker is that they will look for the best price. It is important to consider where a broker is finding savings. Are they using an operator with lesser safety standards or a questionable track record? Are they using an operator that does not have the best equipment for the mission? Is the medical crew highly trained? Do they have adequate aircraft liability insurance?

Is Sunwest AeroMedical covered by insurance?

In many cases, air ambulance flights are covered by insurance, however this will depend on your specific insurance coverage. It is always best to work with your insurance provider ahead of time. If you are not sure what questions to ask your provider, please contact Sunwest and a specialist will be happy to help you.