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Sunwest Aviation


Flying through COVID-19

Sunwest Avro Care – Flying Through COVID-19

Flying with Sunwest Aviation allows you to travel with reduced exposure to covid-19.

We have implemented the following preventative measures to continue operating safely while reducing exposure for our employees and passengers:

  • screening passengers and crew members
  • enhanced aircraft grooming with hospital grade disinfectants
  • ensuring that sanitizer and masks are available for our passengers and crew
  • physical distancing throughout the organization and on aircraft
  • requiring all visitors, including employees, to wear masks while in our public spaces
  • training our team on managing potential risks

Chartering an aircraft and flying privately involves less people on the aircraft, a trusted passenger list, and avoids the use of crowded airport terminals.

The Sunwest Avro Care process protects our passengers by building on the benefits of aircraft charter with preventative measures across the entire charter process.

Current Requirements

All travellers 12 years of age plus four months and older must declare and be prepared to provide official proof of full vaccination status when departing primary Canadian airports for travel within Canada or abroad. There are limited exceptions to this requirement.

To be considered fully vaccinated, you must have been vaccinated with one of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s approved vaccine regimens. Please refer to the following link: COVID-19 Vaccines: Authorized vaccines – for more information. Proof of vaccination will be required during your travel journey, so be sure to have your documentation readily available. The documentation can be digital or in a paper form; however, you are encouraged to have a paper copy as a back-up to your digital proof.

Information on restriction exemptions for passengers is available here: COVID-19 Boarding flights, trains and cruise ships in Canada – Travel restrictions in Canada – Contact your Sunwest Flight Coordinator if you believe you qualify for an exemption. Please be advised that travellers who knowingly provide false or misleading information may be subject to a monetary penalty. Please visit for more details.

Pre-departure COVID-19 Testing: The USA requires arriving travellers to provide proof of a negative antigen test taken within 24 hours of departure to the US. Please view current requirements for entry into the USA. Ask your flight coordinator for information on other

Face Masks: Required by all persons on Sunwest Aviation grounds and on the aircraft unless you meet specific exemptions. Masks are also be required while boarding and deplaning. Please ensure your mask meets current requirements.

ArriveCan: Travellers returning to Canada must file the required information with ArriveCan.

Request Your Charter

Schedule your charter by contacting us using our website, email, or phone.

Website: (search for your flight and select your aircraft)

24/7 Phone: +1 403 275 8121

Toll Free: 1-888-291-4566

We will provide you with aircraft options that meet your specific trip needs, including options for physical distancing if required. Sunwest also works with business aviation terminals, allowing our passengers to bypass crowded airport terminals and highly trafficked areas.

For your safety, all passengers are required to have access to a face mask while travelling with Sunwest Aviation.

Check In

When arriving at Sunwest for your flight, you can rest assured that we are proactive in our Covid-19 risk management and have implemented precautions to minimize the risk of exposure on site.

Sunwest requires that all visitors and staff wear face masks while they are in our lobbies or public spaces.

Our staff and crew members follow a health screening process and are required to fill out a health questionnaire each day they enter the office. Passengers may also be subject to health screening and questionnaires depending on their specific trip.

Our lobbies are cleaned throughout the day and frequently touched areas such as check-in counters and seats are regularly cleaned and disinfected a minimum of three times per day, and following each departure. Physical distancing protocols have also been implemented in our public spaces.

On Board

To maximize your protection, our aircraft undergo enhanced grooming with hospital grade disinfectants. Prior to each flight, all commonly touched areas such as arm rests, table trays, and seat buckles are sanitized. Hand sanitizer and face masks are also available for passengers and crew.

While on board, our crew members will wear face masks, with the exception of pilots when they are in the cockpit.

Face masks will be required by passengers unless they meet specific exemption guidelines. Your flight coordinator will review these requirements with you prior to your departure date.

Snacks, beverages, and catering will be distributed or made available for self-serve access depending on the type of group chartering.

Arrive At Your Destination

Sunwest Aviation utilizes business aviation terminals. Compared to a standard airport terminal, business aviation terminals see significantly less passengers and passengers tend to spend less time at these terminals, reducing the risk of exposure.

While Sunwest Aviation works with reputable business aviation terminals for each trip, the precautions implemented can vary greatly from city-to-city. To reduce your risk, Sunwest recommends minimizing the amount of time spent at the destination terminal and prearranging ground transportation with air-side pickup (if available). Please speak to your flight coordinator about having Sunwest Aviation schedule your ground transportation.

Face masks may be required at your arrival destination and while you disembark the aircraft.

With the information and response to the COVID-19 pandemic changing rapidly, our precautions and the Sunwest Avro Care process will be updated accordingly. We’re taking the required measures to ensure you can travel confidently and safely.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to charter an aircraft for your next trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sunwest do to prevent infected passengers from boarding their aircraft?

Sunwest Customer Service Agents or crews monitor passengers at check in. If a passenger who appears unwell attempts to check-in or board an aircraft, our Customer Service agents will make inquiries of the customer in regard to their health. If crews have grounds to believe someone may be unfit to travel, they may deny the passenger boarding for the passenger’s own well-being and that of other passengers and employees. This decision will be made in consultation with client specific boarding requirements and leadership if applicable, the Public Health Agency of Canada guidance, or guidance from an equivalent international agency.

What does Sunwest Aviation do to protect passengers if another passenger exhibits symptoms of COVID19?

Sunwest crews and flight attendants have been provided guidance for the handling of passengers exhibiting symptoms of communicable diseases during flight based upon current guidance from official agencies. During flight, our crew can connect directly with health authorities to determine the best course of action. The flight crew may choose to put a mask on the individual and where possible isolate them from the other passengers to prevent close contact.

What does Sunwest do if a passenger or crew member is identified as having traveled with COVID-19 post flight.

As with all communicable diseases, if someone tests positive for the virus after having travelled on a flight, Sunwest will work with the appropriate health authority in the manner they prescribe. Depending on the transmission profile of the disease, we will be given strict protocols for contact tracing. We will work together with our clients and client transportation departments to efficiently initiate the required contact tracing. The health authority will then contact passengers and advise them of the situation. In accordance with privacy laws, the names of passengers and crew will only be disclosed to the public health authority managing the situation.

In addition to the measures already described, in the case that person has traveled on a Sunwest aircraft with COVID-19, a deep cleaning of the aircraft is performed as per the Public Health Authority of Canada’s guidance as well as industry best practice. Such a deep cleaning includes the use of hospital-grade disinfectant products that have a wide spectrum anti-microbial efficacy recommended for coronavirus.

Can passengers be infected by the air in the aircraft if an infected passenger is onboard?

Currently there have been no such cases published in association with the global aviation system. While the current understanding of all aspects of the virus transmission profile are yet to be determined, current official guidance advises that the virus transmission is not airborne like measles, but by droplets deposited through coughing and sneezing. To our present understanding then, the primary risk on the aircraft is through close contact with a symptomatic individual or contact with surface contamination. Such risk is minimized by passengers and crew exercising good flu prevention hygiene practices, and then the additional daily aircraft disinfection procedures conducted by Sunwest Aviation to address the lingering surface contact hazard.

What are Sunwest’s grooming procedures to eliminate the contact hazard associate with COVID-19?

Current expert guidance advises that coronaviruses are easily eliminated by routine surface cleaning and sanitization.  Sunwest uses cleaning products, including hospital-grade disinfectants which have a wide-spectrum anti-microbial efficacy and are recommended by official agencies for eliminating the coronavirus surface hazard.

Sunwest aircraft undergo a thorough sanitization at the end of each flight day. This cleaning includes a full sanitization of all hard surfaces, paying special attention to frequently touched surfaces such as armrests, environmental and entertainment screen controls, seat controls, lavatories and seat belt buckles. This sanitation procedure is in accordance with the current guidance of the Public Health Agency of Canada and other official international agencies. Current guidance suggests that coronaviruses do not survive on soft materials (head rests, seat covers, carpets, etc.), however in such a case where these are soiled by biological fluids they are professionally decontaminated or replaced. When away from base, crew detailing of the aircraft includes sanitization of all frequently touched areas.

What happens if I feel sick on my flight?

It’s important to self-identify so that our staff and crew can ensure your safety along with the safety of other guests and crew. We are trained to handle multiple scenarios and situations that can arise on the ground or onboard our aircraft. Should a guest present ill or fall ill during travel, crews will assess the situation, and will take appropriate actions, in accordance with the guidance to address these situations. In addition to caring actions to attend to our guest’s wellbeing with first aid training, such actions may involve official notification where required by law or international treaties, and/or isolation of the affected individual where possible, to ensure the health of other passengers.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information about chartering with Sunwest Aviation.

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