Job Title – Quality Assurance Specialist – Flight Operations – Ref:2016-014

To promote a system of continuous improvement to enhance safety and productivity by conducting Flight Operations audits in accordance with the Sunwest Aviation audit Policy Manual and the flight Operations Audit Procedures Manual, and acting as a specialist in the flight Data Monitoring Program.

  • Is directly responsible to the Director of Safety.
  • Aids the Director of Safety in continuing the development of the Sunwest Aviation Ltd.’s Safety and Quality management systems, especially as it relates to flight operations quality assurance internal evaluation program, and fully participates in the development of safety department policies, processes, and procedures. 
  • Must maintain an in-depth knowledge of and involvement in the Sunwest SMS.
  • Under the Director of Safety, the Quality Assurance Specialist – Flight Ops is responsible for,
    • The implementation and maintenance of the Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program.
    • Timely completion of internal and external audits as required by the Flight Operations yearly Audit Plan and in accordance with the Sunwest Aviation Flight Operations Auditing Procedures Manual, the Flight Operations Audit Plan, and checklists.
    • Submitting audit reports to the Director of Safety and the Director of Flight operations for the individual areas of the internal evaluation program’s scope as well as a yearend report.
    • Tracking and trending quality issues identified in the program for ongoing improvements.
    • Maintaining and improving the Flight Operations Audit Procedures Manual, Audit Plan, and audit checklists.
    • Completing follow-up audits to ensure the effectiveness of corrective action plans.
    • Preparing presentations for the quarterly Management Review Board Meeting outlining the progress of the internal evaluation program and its findings.
    • Regularly reporting to the Director of Safety any issues raised in the course of the internal audit program and the progress of the internal audit plan.
    • Submitting findings from the internal audit program into the SMS reporting system.
    • Provide subject matter expertise to Flight Operations in the overall improvement of its policies, processes, and procedures to enable continuous improvement of its output.
    • Develop and maintain an auditor training program for Sunwest individuals assigned to contribute to the internal evaluation program.
    • Participate in the development, implementation, and ongoing improvement of the Sunwest Aviation Flight Data Monitoring Program.
    • When so designated by the Director of Safety, act as the External Audit Liaison in order to facilitate and shepherd an external audit team during their visit and be responsible for providing periodic progress and finding close-out reports to the administrator of the external audit organization and to Sunwest management.
    • Any other duties assigned by the Director of Safety.
    • if also holding a flying position with Sunwest, report in that capacity to the Chief Pilot
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