Job Title – Lead Ramp Fuel Attendant – Ref:2016-046


  • Lead by example, providing a team building, positive “Can Do” attitude
  • Maintain a safe and efficient ramp at all times (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Deliver superior customer service to all Sunwest customers
  • Coordinate and execute all aircraft movements with Maintenance and Flights Operations
  • Provide documented on the job evaluations of staff in the safe operations of all fuel trucks, ground support equipment and de-ice equipment
  • Ensure all ground support equipment and fuel trucks are kept clean and free of debris
  • Ensure ground support equipment is fuelled, including slip tanks
  • Report all ground support equipment maintenance concerns to the Ground Vehicle Maintenance Technician
  • Ensure fuel quality checks are completed and documented daily
  • Fuel all Sunwest and authorized customer aircraft
  • Perform completion of fuel orders and truck reconciliation at the end of each shift
  • Deice all Sunwest and authorized customer aircraft
  • Ensure operational information is relayed to the next team at the end of each shift and paper work is completed and handed in to the Facility and Ramp Manager
  • Provide Facility and Ramp Manager with daily Ramp Operation updates
  • Perform hangar and ramp inspections, FOD and Fire Lane walks
  • Other related duties including but not limited to, washing customers vehicles, removing garbage, cleaning hangar floors, windows, and equipment, as well as, grounds keeping such as lawn mowing and trimming       




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