Job Title – Cabin Safety Manager – Ref:2017-043

Sunwest Aviation has an opportunity available for a Cabin Safety Manager within our Flight Operations department.  Reporting to the Director of Flight Operations, this position is responsible for performing the duties and responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Responsible for managing the regulatory compliance, professional standards, and providing direction and overall supervision to the flight attendants and PAOBDs (Person Assigned On-Board Duties) under his/her authority.  Responsible for analyzing our crew customer service procedures and standards and make recommendations in order to best serve our customers.


The successful candidate should possess the following qualifications and competencies.  In addition, personality profiling will be required of all candidates granted an interview for this position.


The Cabin Safety Manager will fulfill the  regulatory responsibilities of the Flight Attendant Manager outlined in CASS 725.07 (2) (d) (ii) and is accountable for the following:

  • Ensure a current and approved Flight Attendant Manual is in place;
  • Ensure a current and approved flight attendant and PAOBD training programs are in place;
  • Planning, scheduling, and facilitating flight attendant and PAOBD training in accordance with the approved training programs;
  • Developing and maintaining all required cabin safety training programs;
  • Assisting in the development and facilitation of joint flight operations-cabin safety training programs (i.e., security, crew resource management, interference with crew members, etc.);Maintaining flight attendant and PAOBD training records;
  • Writing, distributing, and tracking acknowledgement of Operational Memos and Safety & Procedures Bulletins to the flight attendants and PAOBDs;
  • Actively participating in the Company’s Safety Management System through the reporting, investigation, actioning, and distribution of  safety, accident, incident, and other occurrence reports;
  • Receiving, processing, and responding to flight attendant and PAOBD trip reports relative to operational issues in a timely manner;
  • Providing leadership and supervision to flight attendants and PAOBDs;
  • Maintaining qualifications and operating monthly as a flight attendant;
  • Conducting flight attendant line checks;
  • Developing and maintaining safety features cards for all Company aircraft;
  • Assuming any responsibilities delegated by the Director of Flight Operations; Supporting the Company’s reputation for outstanding customer service through participating in quality service initiatives such as crew training and cabin/catering standards, etc.;
  • Developing, documenting, and maintaining cabin safety policies, processes, and procedures;
  • Acting as the cabin safety liaison with other Company departments;
  • Completing all administrative tasks associated with the position;
  • During absences, delegating responsibilities for all duties to another qualified individual (demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Company); and

              Any other related duties as required.

  • High school diploma
  • Post-secondary education is considered an asset
  • 3+ years of management experience
  • Previous related experience is strongly desired in technical writing, program development and program facilitation
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge with MS Office, Adobe products, etc.


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