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King Air 200 Lear 35 Lear 55

Transporting a critically ill patient is serious business. We know, because our expert medical and flight crews have 25 years of experience and complete an average of 125 medical flights each year. With access to more than 40 aircraft, we can choose the right crew and aircraft for every flight or situation


Halo Medevac is a premium, full-service patient transport solution. We take pride in offering you a great customer experience - whether you're calling our 24/7 quote service or you need to ensure an organ is transferred across the country non-stop.

We offer:

  • Patient transportation accompanied by critical care specialists to a receiving hospital (we have access to 40 aircraft, including long-range aircraft capable of worldwide access, that can accommodate multiple patients)
  • Quick and accurate confirmation of aircraft availability
  • Coordination of ground transportation for the patient and the patient's family members
  • Medical consultations to determine the patient's condition
  • 24-hour access to a medical director
  • Communication with the patient's family, friends, and hospital staff as required
  • Competitive pricing

About Us

Halo Medevac is a new brand, built on a long and proud history. Halo Jets, which launched in Edmonton, Alberta in 2008, has now merged with Sunwest Air Ambulance - a division of Sunwest Aviation that has operated out of Calgary, Alberta since 1985.

Halo Jets' and Sunwest's shared vision and values around the quality of the transport experience created the perfect paring. Through a commitment to safety and the finest flight crews, critical care specialists and physicians in the industry, we have become Halo Medevac Inc., the largest air-ambulance provider in western Canada. We also believe we're the best.


In our Business, experience is critical. The quality of our team, from the flight crew to our customer support staff, is unsurpassed in the industry. Our highly qualified and respected medical director developed our critical care standards. We rely on board- certified physicians with air operations experience, and for paramedics, flight nurses, and respiratory therapists to support our world class program. Our flight crews have completed hundreds of repatriation flights from Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.


Halo Medevac maintains the highest standards for medical and technical equipment on our aircraft. Each aircraft is equiped for advanced life support. In addition to our LifePort stretcher systems, which contain 110 volt AC power, oxygen, medical air and suction, our standard onboard medical equipment includes:

  • ALS Base Unit (loading systems, O2, compressed air, vacuum, electricity)
  • SatCom for worldwide communication
  • Standard medical equipment
  • Phillips MP2 multi-parameter transport montor
  • Phillips Heartstart MRx ALS defibrillator/pacemaker
  • Oxylog 300 ventilator
  • Infusion pumps
  • I-STAT blood gas analyzer

Additional services

  • Stork neonatal transport isolette
  • ECMO transport


217 Aero Court NE,
Calgary, AB T2E 7C6
TEL: 403-275-8121
24H: 888-291-4566
3684 – 53 Ave.
Edmonton International Airport,
Edmonton, AB, T9E 0V4
24H: 888-291-4566

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