Falcon 900EX

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The Falcon 900EX is the quintessential wide body business jet. The Falcon 900 EX has a stand-up cabin with a full width lavatory and dressing room located at the rear of the cabin. There are 24 large windows which flood the cabin with natural light and provide a panoramic view. A flight attendant is on board to provide cabin safety and to assist with meal service and comfort.

Manufacturer: Dassault Falcon Jet
Type: Wide Body, 3 engine
Cruise Speed: 540 miles per hour
Range: 5,100 statute miles
Ceiling: 51,000 ft.
Runway Required: 5,000 ft.
Gross Weight: 49,000 lbs.
Seating Capacity: 12 passengers plus crew & flight attendant
Amenities: DVD movies, satellite phone/fax, Airshow
oven/microwave, espresso machine, defibrillator

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