Challenger 604

challenger 604 interior challenger 604 interior challenger 604 interior

The 604 offers a combination of performance, versatility and comfort along with a transcontinental range to get you where you want, in comfort, class and speed. With the widest body in corporate aviation, the 604 features noise reduction technology, making it one of the quietest corporate aircraft on the market. The full size galley allows for complete meal service. This aircraft has a stand-up lavatory with walk-in access to a heated baggage compartment. Flight attendants are available to enhance the cabin service.

Manufacturer: Bombardier
Type: Wide Body, 2 engine
Cruise Speed: 530 miles per hour
Range: 4,600 statute miles
Ceiling: 41,000 ft..
Runway Required: 6,000 ft.
Gross Weight: 48,200 lbs.
Seating Capacity: 12 passengers plus crew and flight attendant
Amenities: DVD movies, satellite phone/fax, Airshow, oven/microwave

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