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For the majority of private aircraft users, charter continues to be the most flexible and cost effective travel option. Unlike Fractional ownership and most Jet Card programs, charter at Sunwest does not require large up front fees. There are no hidden extra charges and there are no financial penalties or losses when your needs change. Sunwest's customized charter plans can be tailored to suit your own requirements and can involve one aircraft or our entire fleet. Compare our fleet and facilities to any other locally based operator and you will appreciate why many of western Canada's most respected corporations and individuals continue to make use of our services for their business and private travel needs.

When you charter, you avoid the aggravation of airline travel. You will have no lineups, no connecting flights, no lost baggage and no mediocre airline meals. You travel in the quiet comfort of your own aircraft, where you can work productively and confidentially or relax and enjoy your privacy. You are in control.

Chartering an aircraft will save you time and can actually save you money. If you realistically value your time, chartering an aircraft from Sunwest Aviation can be surprisingly economical.

Our customers have all discovered the benefits of charter flying. We service corporations, individuals, government agencies and hospitals. We fly executives, field crews, vacationers and medical teams.

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