Sunwest Charter Card

As a member of the exclusive Sunwest Charter Card Club, you will gain access at preferred rates to Western Canada's largest, most diverse fleet of business aircraft. Suitable for individuals, corporations or flight departments, the Sunwest Charter Card allows you to customize your aircraft usage to best fit your requirements.

Sunwest's innovative Charter Card program is designed for individuals and corporations whose travel needs are not met with one aircraft type. Unlike many Jet Card programs, the Sunwest Charter Card allows you to use your membership benefit towards flights on any of our over sixteen different aircraft types. With every category of business aircraft in our fleet, Sunwest has the unique capability to match the aircraft to your group size, destination or personal preference.

How The Charter Card Works

As a Platinum, Gold or Silver Charter Card holder, you pay an annual deposit towards your charter flights for the year. Flight costs are then deducted from your deposit at a discounted rate corresponding to the membership level chosen. Sunwest's discounted mileage-based rate is set on the day of your membership purchase.

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