Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

Ian Darnley
Director of Business Development

More than ever, today's challenging aircraft marketplace requires buyers and sellers to use every possible advantage to ensure that the best sales and purchase decisions are made. By combining years of experience in the business aircraft marketplace with the operational capability of one of Canada's largest charter and aircraft management companies, Sunwest offers sales & acquisition clients an unparalleled level of expertise in the commercial and technical aspects of aircraft transactions. Unlike many markets, the aircraft resale marketplace is unregulated. There is no industry oversight or licensing requirement (as in real estate or securities trading) and anyone with a phone and access to the internet can claim to be an aircraft broker. Aircraft transactions are complex and involve commercial, legal, technical and regulatory issues and hiring the services of an experienced and qualified aviation professional can be key to making the right decision at the right price. Our team has over twenty years of experience and has concluded sales and acquisitions of hundreds of new and used aircraft. Our association with Sunwest Aviation gives us access to maintenance and flight operations professionals and unique insight into the operational considerations for dozens of different aircraft types.


Sunwest takes a pro-active approach to selling your aircraft. We combine a global web and print media advertising campaign with a targeted, direct approach to a large data base of local retail buyers that have been pre-qualified as a result of their charter activity. Our remarketing service package also includes lead tracking and reporting, documentation (Offers, Purchase Agreements etc.), technical oversight of pre purchase inspections, and a free certified appraisal. If you are selling an aircraft, you should consider an Exclusive Aircraft Sales Agreement with Sunwest Aviation. Such an agreement entitles you to the following services:

  • A market review for the aircraft type being sold
  • Aircraft valuation based on equipment, condition and market data
  • Aircraft listings in the most effective industry print and electronic publications
  • Direct contact with locally based aircraft management prospects
  • Direct contact with other aircraft dealers and operators
  • Coordination and support of all pre purchase inspections
  • Review and recommendations regarding all offers and purchase agreements
  • Coordination of closing


There have never been as many options for buyers of new or pre-owned aircraft. Buying opportunities abound but with the large number of choices and considerations, a thorough selection process with the advice of an experienced aviation professional is essential. At Sunwest, we start with requirements of the client and provide advice based on present and future needs. Our in house technical staff will support any requirements for pre-buy inspections and imports and our charter experience enables us to evaluate charter revenue potential in the selection of an aircraft type.

If you are considering the purchase of a new or used aircraft, an Acquisition Agreement with Sunwest will ensure a thorough and unbiased approach to the selection of an appropriate aircraft. Our services include:

  • A thorough review and evaluation of buyers requirement based on mission requirements and budget
  • An evaluation of appropriate aircraft types available
  • Performance analysis and comparison of appropriate types
  • Recommendation of an appropriate type
  • Research of new and/or used marketplace for type selected
  • Research requirements for Canadian registration
  • Prepare offer to purchase aircraft with appropriate conditions
  • Negotiate acceptance of offer to purchase
  • Review and negotiate detailed purchase agreement
  • Arrange for visual inspection, records inspection, pre-purchase inspection
  • Coordinate test flight
  • Monitor pre-purchase inspection
  • Resolve discrepancies/deficiencies identified in pre-purchase inspection
  • Monitor rectification of discrepancies
  • Research airframe modifications for Canadian acceptance
  • Coordinate title search, closing and transfer of title, warranty, etc.
  • Coordinate delivery flight
  • Complete importation and Canadian registration


Accurate market appraisals are a key component to every sales and acquisition project. Our appraisals are certified by the NAAA (National Aircraft Appraisal Association) and include a physical aircraft inspection and records review and thorough assessment of comparable aircraft on the market.

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