Aircraft Management

If you are considering aircraft ownership, you should consider Sunwest Aircraft Management. Sunwest's experience, knowledge and integrity have allowed us to grow to be the largest aircraft management operator in western Canada. 

Aircraft types under management range from twin turbo props to large cabin intercontinental business jets. Our management customers benefit from our ability to reduce their costs through a combination of operating efficiency and charter revenue generated with their aircraft. Our aircraft cost accounting is simple and transparent with no hidden fees or mark ups.

As an aircraft owner at Sunwest, you can establish your own restrictions as to how and when we charter your aircraft. Furthermore, by having your aircraft in the Sunwest fleet, you will have preferred access to all our charter aircraft, allowing you greater flexibility in matching aircraft to your specific trip requirements.  The following points summarize the advantages of aircraft management by Sunwest:

  • Safe, professional aircraft operations performed to strict commercial standards
  • Operating cost efficiencies generated by economies of scale, operational experience and broad maintenance capability
  • Charter revenue available to offset owner cost
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • 24 hour flight booking and flight following service
  • Increased security and reduced liability exposure
  • Accurate and detailed cost accounting, budgeting and reporting
  • Versatile fleet of back up charter aircraft

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